Xcode iOS app: word guessing game


We are developing this app to complete a school assignment. It is not a project and it is not unique among our peers. It is just a plain assignment which has been assigned to groups of 2.


Our team consists of 3 members. It is one of, if not the only team in our class with 3 members:

  • Ethien Duckett/EthienDuckett:
    • Bio: (relatively) experienced git user.
    • Contributions: He setup GitHub-Xcode for Grayson, worked on the app UI, fixed game breaking bugs, and resolved merge conflicts.
  • Grayson Minton/breigns2:
    • Bio: Unexperienced programmer and new to git/github.
    • Contributions: He did most of the work on the game logic and word guessing.
  • Cian Mchugh:
    • Bio: [let cian insert text here]
    • Contributions: He set up the keyboard buttons for the UI.


  • Xcode 12 book (Chapter…)


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