Supported Platforms: iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS

XRepository is based on QBRepository by QuickBirds Studios. It is lightweight implementation of Repository pattern in Swift.

?? Getting started

Cornerstone of this project is Repository protocol.

protocol  Repository {
  associatedtype  Model

  func getAll() -> AnyRandomAccessCollection<Model>
  func getElement<Id>(withId id: Id) -> Model?
  func getElements(filteredBy filter: Query<Model>?, sortedBy sortKeyPath: ComparableKeyPath<Model>?, distinctUsing distinctMode: HashableKeyPath<Model>?) -> AnyRandomAccessCollection<Model>
  func create(_ model: Model) -> RepositoryEditResult<Model>
  func create(_ models: [Model]) -> RepositoryEditResult<[Model]>
  func update(_ model: Model) -> RepositoryEditResult<Model>
  func delete(_ model: Model) -> Error?
  func delete(_ models: [Model]) -> Error?
  func deleteAll() -> Error?
  func performTranscation(_ transaction: () -> Void) -> Error?

Than you have AnyRepository class to abstragate implementation of Repository from its consumers. AnyRepository has the same semantic as its interface.

final class AnyRepository<Model>: Repository {
  init <A: Repository>(_ repository: A) where A.Model == Model { ... }

? Usage

XRepository provides implementations for popular storages from-the-box:
UserDefaultRepository, RealmRepository, FileSystemRepository, but you can create your own implementation.
Usage is simple:

class ChurchesViewModel {
  let churchesRepository: AnyRepository<Church>

let churchesStorage = AnyRepository(UserDefaultsRepository<Church>())
let churchesViewModel = ChurchesViewModel(churchesRepository: churchesStorage)

⚡️ Rx

XRepository supports reactive wrapper over AnyRepository

extension  AnyRepository {
  var rx: RxRepository<Model> {
    return RxRepository(self)

class  RxRepository<Model> {

  let  base: AnyRepository<Model>
  init(_ base: AnyRepository<Model>) {
    self.base = base
  func getAll() -> Single<AnyRandomAccessCollection<Model>> {
    return Single.create(subscribe: { single -> Disposable in
      let models = self.base.getAll() 
      return Disposables.create()

If you want a pure reactive repository implementations for popular storages, check my latest project: ReactiveXRepository

? Author

This framework is created by Sashko Potapov.

? License

XCoordinator is released under an MIT license. See for more information.


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