Anish Lakkapragada, Aayush Talluri, Soumik Sinha, and Abhishek Nambiar’s project is found here.


Often times we don’t know whether to recycle or trash something, and so many of us often throw our waste all in the trash bin. This means that a lot of the waste in landfills won’t be recycled for a second use.

We create an ML application in Swift to detect whether a given object is trash or recycling. We believe not only can this be useful for lay people to be environmentally conscious, but also that it can help raise awareness about better options than just throwing everything in the same bin.


Our pitch is below:

How We Made It

We first collected training data of recycling and trash objects, and then used Apple’s CreateML framework to create the model. This was then deployed into a Swift app, where users could take photos and get model predictions.

We also had time, so we created a website to share the word about MoreCycle.

Resources Used:

  1. Swift App:
  2. Website:


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