3D dice rolling animation for iOS.

The very first iOS app I ever wrote was a dice game. The dice were just 2d images and when you “rolled” them it just showed the faces
in random order, eventually settling on a particular value. Yawn.

I decided not to release the app until I had a proper, 3D animation. This decision was circa 2010. I still haven’t released the app.

After several stabs at it, which mostly involved googling to see if there was open source code I could use, finding none, getting
dejected, and then wondering off to other projects, I finally decided I should just puzzle it out.

I also decided to release whatever I came up with as open source. So here it is. Still very rough around the edges (and in the middle).

I’ll try and get a proper README and license up soon (I’m writing this early October 2021 — judge me if it’s 3 years later, and I haven’t
followed up.)

PRs with improvements to the code are appreciated.