Motion X View

Motion X View is a macOS application designed to receive, record, and visualize device motion data sent from the Motion X iOS app.

Motion X View offers a comprehensive interface to display real-time roll, pitch, yaw, and user acceleration data.

The app uses WebSocket for fast and low-latency data communication and offers real-time 3D visualization and charting capabilities for an enhanced user experience.


  • 3D Visualization: Visualizes device motion in 3D using SceneKit.

  • Real-Time Data Display: Shows roll, pitch, yaw, and acceleration data.

  • WebSocket Communication: Receives motion data from the Motion X iOS app with low-latency Websocket commuication.

  • Charting: Displays motion data in adaptive line chart for each axis.

  • Data Recording: Records motion data for analysis and review.

Build from source

Clone the repository

git clone

Open the Motion X View.xcodeproj file in Xcode.

Choose a macOS device or simulator as the target.

Press Run to build and launch the application.


This application does not include a built-in WebSocket server. You will need to set up a separate WebSocket server.

Setting Up the Server

Install Node.js

brew install node

Install WebSocket library

npm install ws

Create a server.js file

const WebSocket = require('ws');

const port = 8080;
const server = new WebSocket.Server({ port });

console.log(`WebSocket server is running on ws://localhost:${port}`);

server.on('connection', (ws) => {
  console.log('Client connected');

  ws.on('message', (message) => {
    console.log(`Received: ${message}`);
    // Broadcast the message to all other connected clients
    server.clients.forEach((client) => {
      if (client !== ws && client.readyState === WebSocket.OPEN) {

  ws.on('close', () => {
    console.log('Client disconnected');

Start server.js

npm server.js

Enter the server address and port on the Motion X iOS App, then click ‘Connect’. The server will now start receiving motion data.

Receiving data

Once the server is running, click Connect on the Motion X View

Make sure the Motion X iOS app is also connected to the same WebSocket server.

You’ll then start receiving live motion data from your mobile devices.


Motion X iOS is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


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