Kabegami (壁紙) is a Menu Bar app for macOS that generates high-resolution wallpapers.

It is inspired by, and uses the algorithm of @roytanck‘s wallpaper-generator.
Kabegami has the following features:

  • Export generated wallpapers to the Downloads directory
  • Auto-refresh wallpapers when macOS wakes from sleep
  • Auto-refresh wallpapers when Kabegami is launched
  • Generate one wallpaper per display, or only the main display.


An universal notarized binary (Apple Silicon/Intel) is available on the Releases page.
Just download, drag into your Applications folder, and launch it from there.
To start it during Login, follow Apple’s macOS User Guide.


Either file an issue or fork and open a pull-request.


Kabegami            - Copytight (C) 2021 Victor Gama de Oliveira
wallpaper-generator - Copyright (C) 2021 Roy Tanck 

Both sources are distributed under GPL-3.0.


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