Open Wallpaper Engine

An open source wallpaper engine for mac (which is not relative to the existing one on Steam)





Download the .dmg file to local and drag the .app application file under /Applications folder


Hi there! I hosted a chat group on QQ: 228230228 Guys If you are interested in contributing to this project, please join this chat so that we could communicate much easier.

大家好呀! 我在QQ上建了个群:228230228 如果您有兴趣为这个项目做出贡献,不介意的话加一下呗,以便我们可以更方便地沟通。

Import from Wallpaper Engine (on Steam)

Check the File Menu

Then select Folder of your wallpaper to be imported

A normal wallpaper folder should like this (video wallpaper):

  • wallpaper_folder_name
    • wallpaper_video_name.mp4
    • project.json
    • preview.gif


So far, only format from Wallpaper Engine is supported. That means you can’t directly drag a .mp4 file in and let it animate your desktop screen. We’ll fix that soon.


If you would like to make contribute to this project or for some other purposes, then you probably should at least build once. Here’re the steps:


  • macOS >= 13.0
  • Xcode >= 14.4
  • Xcode Commandline Tools

First, fork and clone your forked repo or just clone this repo directly if you don’t plan to be a contributor. If you’re in China, you’d better set up a HTTPS Proxy first to avoid failure due to bad connection or poor download speed.

git clone

And then open the directory in Xcode.

open open-wallpaper-engine-mac -a /Applications/

Change Signine Certificate to your own or select ‘Sign to Run Locally’

Then press command ⌘ + R to build and run


(newly update): a testing DocC Documentation is currently on stage. Check it anytime if you need.

(old): This project’s documentation can be build with docc. I’ll upload the documentation link automatically built by github action here later.


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