? Hoop

"Shoot, Score, and Swish!" - Hoop is a fun and simple 2D basketball free throw game built with the power of SpriteKit and SwiftUI.

? Preview


? Motivation

As my New Year's resolution, I decided to explore something new and fun in the iOS ecosystem. I came up with the thought of building a small and simple game to experience the game development by learning SpriteKit API. As such, Hoop comes to life. Genuinely, the journey was not smooth enough and had some struggles with SpriteKit at the beginning because of my unfamilarity with the framework. However, I could manage to overcome burdens by researching on the framework along with the help of StackOverflow ?. Overall, it was a fun and thrilling adventure of crafting it.

? Build & Run

To get started, go to Terminal and run the following commands to clone and open the project.

> git clone https://github.com/dscyrescotti/Hoop.git
> cd Hoop && xed .

After seeing the project open, run the project by either using ⌘R (Command+R) or clicking Run button in the project toolbar. That's it. Now you're ready to play!

? Tech Stack

  • SpriteKit
  • SwiftUI
  • CoreData
  • Swift Package Manager

? Backlogs

Add haptic feedback to enhance user experience

Add sound and music to be more enjoyable

Add game levels based on points the player earns

Add obstacles to block the ball from entering the hoop

Add more ball textures

Implement test case to cover the whole codebase

? Credits

Hoop is inspired by Dunk Shot which is the fun and enjoyable game to paly.

Hoop is just a hobby project to learn SpriteKit, so don't sue me for copying the idea. ?

✍️ Author

Scotti | @dscyrescotti