Car2Wash Booking iOS App

Car2Wash is a booking application designed for people who are looking to wash their car. It’s fast, efficient and reduces time people spend on looking for an empty car wash. User selects a desired car wash, chooses date and time and upon providing their car plate and phone number complete the booking process. Car washes can use this platform to advertise their business, as all car washes are visible on map, adding healthier competition. If user is in need of the quick car wash, just shake your phone to automatically find the nearest and empty car wash.


  • iOS 14.0 and higher
  • Personal Project


  • No account needed.
  • Map or List selection of car washes.
  • Car Wash Booking.


Implemented using native iOS development. SwiftUI was used as a design framework.


You can reach out to me from GitHub, LinkedIn or Threads!

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