? Twitch Korea 1080p Safari Extension


? What is this?

Twitch has reduced the image quality to 720p only in ?? Korea due to the issue of the Net Neutrality Bill in ?? Korea.

This extension resolves related issues by forcing the server to replace it with ?? Japan.

?️ How to install

? App Store

⚓ Direct installation

  1. Download the ? GitHub file.
  2. Open and build the project file in Xcode.
  3. If the build fails, replace the signature.
  4. Enjoy your ⏰ time.

? Download

? Privacy Statement

? Server Provider

? Project PR

Please feel free to leave a Pull Request. I’m not an Apple developer, so I’m likely to have built an extension program inefficiently.

The source code is an unorganized file, so please check it carefully.

? Are you looking for another version (Chrome, ? Firefox)?

The file you want is Here

✨ Credit

Extension Developer - @HanbitGaram
Server - @Kwabang

✍️ Comment

We do not guarantee the operation of the program. The server is powered by a private server and can go down at any time.

But protesting Korea’s net neutrality bill is the only thing we can do.

The Korean government and telecommunications companies want to stop using unreasonable network fees.


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