Semaphore is an object that controls access to a resource across multiple execution contexts through use of a traditional counting semaphore.

Unlike DispatchSemaphore, Semaphore does not block any thread. Instead, it suspends Swift concurrency tasks.


let semaphore = Semaphore(value: 0)

Task {
    // Suspends the task until a signal occurs.
    await semaphore.wait()
    await doSomething()

// Resumes the suspended task.

The wait() method has a waitUnlessCancelled() variant that throws CancellationError if the task is cancelled before a signal occurs.

For a nice introduction to semaphores, see The Beauty of Semaphores in Swift ?. The article discusses DispatchSemaphore, but it can easily be ported to Swift concurrency: see the demo playground of this package.


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