A circular progress bar for iOS written in Swift.



  • 2 views, progress or timer
  • Interface builder designable
  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Fluid and interruptible animations
  • Written in Swift
  • RTL language support

Apps Using UICircularProgressRing


NOTE: Objective-C support: Support for Objective-C has been dropped in version 5.0.0, use version 4 or lower if you are using Objective-C.

CocoaPods (Recommended)

  1. Install CocoaPods

  2. Add this repo to your Podfile

    target 'Example' do
        # IMPORTANT: Make sure use_frameworks! is included at the top of the file
        pod 'UICircularProgressRing'
  3. Run pod install

  4. Open up the .xcworkspace that CocoaPods created

  5. Done!


Important: Interface builder support with Carthage is either broken or extremely limted

To use with Carthage

  1. Make sure Carthage is installed

    brew install carthage

  2. Add this repo to your Cartfile

    github "luispadron/UICircularProgressRing"

  3. Install dependencies
    carthage update --platform iOS


UICircularProgressRing Example

override func viewDidLoad() {
  // Create the view
  let progressRing = UICircularProgressRing()
  // Change any of the properties you'd like
  progressRing.maxValue = 50
  progressRing.style = .dashed(pattern: [7.0, 7.0])
  // etc ...

To set a value and animate the view

// Somewhere not in viewDidLoad (since the views have not set yet, thus cannot be animated)
// Remember to use unowned or weak self if referencing self to avoid retain cycle
progressRing.startProgress(to: 49, duration: 2.0) {
  print("Done animating!")
  // Do anything your heart desires...

// Pause at any time during a running animation

// Continue where you left off after a pause

UICircularTimerRing Example

override func viewDidLoad() {
	// create the view
	let timerRing = UICircularTimerRing()

Animate and set time

						// seconds
timerRing.startTimer(to: 60) { state in
    switch state {
    case .finished:
    case .continued(let time):
        print("continued: \(time)")
    case .paused(let time):
        print("paused: \(time)")

timerRing.pauseTimer() // pauses the timer

timerRing.continueTimer() // continues from where we paused

timerRing.resetTimer() // resets and cancels animations previously running