A collection of classic-style UI components for UIKit, influenced by Windows 95.


This is a little exploration into applying '90s-era design & principles into a modern platform with some primitive components. The assets and design metrics were (for the most part) taken from an actual installation of Windows 95. These are pixel-accurate renditions of the original design:



  • (3/17) Added a simple Blue Screen of Death! Simply shake the device vigorously.


  • The Browser example can be run out-of-the-box.
  • You should be able to include some or all of the files under /Components in your project.
  • Each component is intended to be used like their UIKit counterparts. For example, CKButton should respond to gesture events just as UIButton would.
  • These are @IBDesignable components! That means you can lay out your entire app with these components in Interface Builder and Xcode will render them for you:


Notes & FAQ

  • This project is very much a work-in-progress. Although it was designed with modularity and robustness in mind, there are no guarantees on reliability.
  • Q: Why did you do this?
    • This project was born out of some wholesome sarcasm and Millennial jokes with Ben Galassi. Check out his work!
  • Q: If this project is made for Apple devices, why based it on Microsoft's design?
  • Q: Why isn't the UI rendering in my Storyboard?
    • Interface Builder is very finicky. Rendering typically fails because the underlying code has an error or a constraint cannot be satisfied. Even if you fix these issues, you may have to clear the cache and restart Xcode.
  • Q: Why do I need YYImage?
    • You don't. YYImage is used in CKImageView to animate the throbber animation in the Browser example, but you can remove the reference in CKImageView.swift. Eventually this dependency will be removed.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! I'd also love to chat about design or tech nostalgia 🙂


I do not claim ownership of the assets or logos used in this project. Windows and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc.