A command-line application to convert images and PDF files of images to text using Apple’s Vision text recognition API.

A terminal window showing the text: | % textra /The-Mueller-Report.pdf | Converting the specified PDF file and outputting text at the directory "/The-Mueller-Report" | 16 of 448 [-      ] ETA: 00:05:21 (at 1.34 it/s)


Textra requires Mac OS version 13 or greater to access the latest Vision APIs.

The easiest way to install textra is to open a terminal window and run the following command:

curl -L https://github.com/freedmand/textra/raw/main/install.sh | bash

Alternatively, download the latest release, unzip it, and place the textra executable somewhere on your $PATH variable.


textra FILE1 [FILE2...]


FILE1 [FILE2...]: One or more files to be converted. If multiple files are provided, the last file must be the output directory or a pattern containing an output path.


textra image.png
textra image1.png image2.png output-dir/
textra document.pdf
textra document.pdf output-dir/
textra document.pdf page-{}.txt


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