EggSeed is a command-line tool for creating swift pacakges with continous integration support. While swift package init, creates simple packages, there is no guarantee that your package will work on everyone else's device. That's where continuous integration goes in.

By using eggseed, you can create a package with full integration into CI services such as: GitHub Actions, Travis-CI, BitRise, CircleCI and more. Not only that but EggSeed also sets up code documentation, linting, and more...



mint install brightdigit/EggSeed

Swift Package Manager

Use as CLI

git clone
cd EggSeed
swift run eggseed

Use as dependency

Add the following to your Package.swift file's dependencies:

.package(url: "", .branch("master")),

And then import wherever needed: import EggSeed


USAGE: eggseed [--package-type <package-type>] [--user-name <user-name>] [--path <path>]

  --package-type <package-type>
                          Swift Package Type (default: library)
  --user-name <user-name> User name or Owner of Repostory. 
  --path <path>           Root path of the Swift Package. 
  -h, --help              Show help information.

Eggseed can be run without any options. However there are a few options which can help customize your package:

Package Type --package-type (library or executable)

Desginates what type of package you are creating.

User Name --user-name

The owner to user name of the repository. If not specified, EggSeed will attempt to parse the URL for that information.

Path --path

Directory to create the Swift Package in, otherwise use the current directory.