Amber – your smart companion

We have developed the iOS app Amber – a companion for after-cancer treatment patients.
It connects patients with their doctor and care team.

From doctors PoV (point of view)

It all starts with the doctor creating an account for his patient.
He then enters related medical records, treatment history, and prescribed drugs.
Amber uses these records to determine if the symptoms provided by the user are expected side effects of either the treatment or drugs.

From patients PoV

Amber has many use cases for its users.
It can be used to keep a medical diary, plan physical examinations or chat with the care team or a doctor.
But the most important feature is the analysis of symptoms.
User inputs a few keywords, for example, sore throat or swollen ankle.
Amber then follows with questions to gather more information about these symptoms.
This has two benefits, we gather the data we need and the whole flow is easy to use for our users, making it viable for both young and old.

From all the benefits that Amber provides, we would like to highlight the following:

  • it saves the time of the care team by automatically analyzing patient’s symptoms and deciding if they are expected side effects or not
  • patient can stay calm when new symptoms appear by quickly getting answers to his questions or he can make an appointment with his doctor.
  • when the patient plans the doctor’s appointment, the doctor in question get’s overview of asked questions and provided answers


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