Reveil is a replication of Unveil in pure SwiftUI.


  • Xcode 15 or later
  • Requires iOS 15.0 or later
  • If you're using Xcode 14 or targetting iOS 14, please use the backport/ios-14 branch.


  • State-of-the-art Security Analysis
  • Visualizes CPU usage (Total/User/Idle), displays CPU specifications, and average load information.
  • Visualizes memory usage, displays memory specifications, and classifies memory allocations.
  • Displays system version, BootROM version, kernel version, system uptime, and other kernel information.
  • Visualizes storage usage and displays the technical storage usage information.
  • Lists mounted file systems and displays detailed statistical information such as type/attributes.
  • Visualizes internet usage and attributes internet usage to data sources such as WiFi/Ethernet, Cellular connection, or Personal Hotspot.
  • Visualizes and displays internet usage information of numerous data sources.
  • Displays available network interfaces (e.g. Wired/Wireless, Cellular connection, Access Point, IPSec tunnel) with detailed statistical information (e.g. MTU, Linespeed, Downloaded bytes, Uploaded bytes).