Tracks where a dog is, and pairs them with others based on that location. Could be used as a dating app, or just meeting new dogs in the same area.

App Evaluation

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Mobile: This app would be primarily developed for mobile but would perhaps be just as viable on a computer, such as tinder or other similar apps.
  • Story: Analyzes users music choices, and connects them to other users with similar choices. The user can then decide to message this person and befriend them if wanted.
  • Market: Any individual could choose to use this app, and to keep it a safe environment.
  • Habit: This app could be used as often or unoften as the user wanted depending on how deep their social life is, and what exactly they’re looking for.
  • Scope: First we would start with pairing people based on music taste, then perhaps this could evolve into a music sharing application as well to broaden its usage. Large potential for use with spotify, apple music, or other music streaming applications.

Product Spec

1. User Stories

  • [] A User will be able to login to application.
  • [] User can select between multiple navigation items.
  • [] A new user may create a profile.
  • [] A user may post an image.
  • [] A user may view a collection of posts.
  • [] A user may view a collection of their own posts

Stretch Stories

  • [] The Botton Navigation will have a custom design.
  • [] The Signup Functionality will be done via button on Login page
  • [] A user will be able to create a blog.
  • [] A user will be able to post their location.
  • [] Users with close locations will be matched.
  • [] Users will be able to delete their account.

2. Screen Archetypes

  • Login
  • Register – User signs up or logs into their account
  • Messaging Screen – Chat for users to communicate
    • Upon selecting location choice users matched and message screen opens
  • Profile Screen
    • Allows user to upload a photo and fill in information that is interesting to them and others
  • Match Screen
    • Gives the user permission to match the similar locations or to decline.

3. Navigation

Tab Navigation (Tab to Screen)

  • Profile
  • Location
  • Settings

Flow Navigation (Screen to Screen)

  • Log-in -> Account creation if no log in is available
  • Profile -> Text field to be modified.
  • Location ->


Interactive Prototype




Property Type Description
objectId String unique id for the user post (default field)
author Pointer to User image author
image File image that user posts
caption String image caption by author


Property Type Description
objectId String unique id for the user post (default field)
emailVerified boolean Check user email status
username String a online username for any given user
password String a password to protect a user’s account
email String a user’s email, used for account recovery


Screen Requests

  • Home Feed Screen

    • (Read/GET) Query all posts where user is author

      let query = PFQuery(className:"Post")
      query.whereKey("author", equalTo: currentUser)
      query.order(byDescending: "createdAt"
         } else if let posts = posts {
            print("Successfully retrieved \(posts.count) posts."
    • (Create/POST) Create a new comment on a post
  • Create Post Screen

    • (Create/POST) Create a new post object
  • Profile Screen

    • (Read/GET) Query logged in user object
    • (Update/PUT) Update user profile image
HTTP Verb Endpoint Description

`GET`    | /characters | get all characters
`GET`    | /characters/?name=name | return specific character by name
HTTP Verb Endpoint Description

`GET`    | /cities | gets all cities
`GET`    | /cities/byId/:id | gets specific city by :id
`GET`    | /continents | gets all continents
`GET`    | /continents/byId/:id | gets specific continent by :id
`GET`    | /regions | gets all regions
`GET`    | /regions/byId/:id | gets specific region by :id
`GET`    | /characters/paths/:name | gets a character's path with a given name


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