SwiftUI Recipes

This is like a cooking book.
provides recipes to perform certain action on SwiftUI

Every Project will contain as many SwiftUI views as there are recipes in that section, they can be previewed however they will not work as an application.


  • Lists: Diferent approaches on using lists, diferent applicacionts and appearencce modifiers
  • Grids&Stacks: Different uses on Grids and Stacks to adjust views to diferent devices
  • Gestures: Diferent implementations on how to handle images to add diferent features

Planed Sections(to add):

  • Data Flow
  • Graphics, Shapes, Paths and Effects
  • Navigation
  • XcodePreviews
  • Sheets
  • Pickers
  • Maps
  • UIKit and SwiftUI Interoperability
  • Testing
  • SwiftUI and MVVM
  • SwifUI and CoreData
  • SwiftUI and Firebase


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