App Usage

An iPhone application build in swift .


  • Supported on All iPhone Screen Sizes
  • Dynamic Data following MVVM Design Pattern
  • Used Transitions and Animations
  • Custom Fonts Added in the Project
  • Re-usable Components

App Design Pattern

  • Followed MVMM (Model-View-ViewModel)
    • Model
    • View
      • Breaked few views to re-use or to make main view look cleaner
    • ViewModel
      • It is managing every data to in sync , by having those methods and published variables
  • Helper Files
    • Having an Enum to fast access the fonts
    • A Custom view to having desire corner radius for view
    • Imported Font files
  • Info.plist
    • Added all the fonts
    • Added "view-controller-based status bar appereance" to look status bar white