Unofficial Official NetNewsWire Themes Directory

This is a theme directory for the NetNewsWire RSS reader.
NetNewsWire 6.1 or newer required for themes.

To install a theme you have to download the zip, unpack it and import it to NetNewsWire by either double-clicking it on macOS, sharing it to NetNewsWire on iOS or using the + button on iOS.
NetNewsWire has an URL scheme for this but GitHub strips non-http URL schemes.
The install URL is included as text, you can copy it and open it your browser.

Preinstalled Themes


Ranchero Software, 2022-02

This theme is not actually shipped with NetNewsWire as a theme and has instead been reconstructed from the HTML and CSS in the app bundle.
This is the theme that is preset in NetNewsWire.



Ranchero Software, 2022-02



Stuart Breckenridge, 2022-02

A modified version of the Promenade theme, inspired by Teletext and Ceefax services of yesteryear.
It comes complete with Teletext style page numbers and R/G/B/Y options along the bottom of each article.

Remote control not included.


The NewsFax themes uses the ModeSeven font throughout, which is available as Freeware.
For more information read the license information inside bundle.


Stuart Breckenridge, 2021-09

Prominent titles, snazzy blockquotes, and simplified external links.
Charter and Avenir for your viewing pleasure.



Ranchero Software, 2022-02

This theme does not differentiate between light and dark modes.


User Created Themes


Stuart Breckenridge, 2021-09

If NetNewsWire were a newspaper—and it if were, it’d be a quality read—it might look like this.
The New York typeface is used throughout and the favicon has been removed.



Hans Schülein, 2022-02

Modification of Appanoose with the New York system font inspired by classic print newspapers.


Creating Your Own Theme

Refer to the technote and the insanely well documented Promenade theme.

Contributing Your Own Theme

Create a pull request with your theme.
Include the .nnwtheme-bundle as a zip and take screenshots of the same size in both light and dark mode (if applicable) in the same directory.
Include the theme in the User Created Themes folder of the README (keep the order alphabetical).
Match the format of the other themes; including

  • An author and a date
  • Optionally: A description of the theme
  • One or two images of the same size set to 50% width. Pick a random RSS article; it should optimally include a blockquote to show off that feature.
  • The NetNewsWire URL scheme.


You can include your own license in the .nnwtheme-bundle.
Please then also note the license in the readme.
If you do not include a license the theme is presumed to be license under the MIT license, as are the rest of the documents included in this repository.


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