A custom stretchy big head for UITableView, UICollectionView, or any UIScrollView subclasses.

A custom stretchy big header view for UITableView, UICollectionView, or any UIScrollView subclasses with refresh control support. Built for iOS 10 and later, written in Swift.


Arale, by ZulwiyozaPutra

  • Compatible with UITableView, UICollectionView, or any UIScrollView subclasses.
  • Data source and delegate independency: can be added to an existing view controller without interfering with your existing delegate or dataSource.
  • No need to subclass a custom view controller or to use a custom UICollectionViewLayout.


To add a stretchy header to your table or collection view, you just have to do this:

import Arale

var araleHeaderView: AraleHeaderView!


let araleHeaderView = AraleHeaderView(minHeight: 256.0, backgroundImage: myBackgroundImage)
araleHeaderView.delegate = self

// In case you want to add an UIActivityIndicatorView
// To handle action if the AraleHeaderView has resize to maxHeight you can implement a AraleHeaderViewDelegate conformed UIViewController

araleHeaderView.delegate = self


// And implement headerViewDidReachMaxHeight to get event when the araleHeaderView did reach the maximum height

func headerViewDidReachMaxHeight(headerView: AraleHeaderView) {
    NSLog("%@", "Start Refreshing")
// AraleHeaderViewDelegate comes with three optional delegate method
func headerViewWillResizeFrame(headerView: AraleHeaderView)
func headerViewDidResizeFrame(headerView: AraleHeaderView)
func headerViewDidReachMaxHeight(headerView: AraleHeaderView)


You can add an optional UIViewActivityIndicatorView in your stretchy header view:

let myActivityIndicatorview = UIActivityIndicatorView(style: .white)
self.araleHeadeView.activityIndicatorView = myActivityIndicatorView

the activityIndicatorView will not be rendered if remain nil in case you don't need an activityIndicator.


Arale is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile, you can check the Example Podfile to see how it looks like:

pod "Arale"