firefly-cherry — joyful pomodoro 🙂

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 9 24 59 PM

install it by downloading the on the right, under releases 🥳

features ✨

  • custom backgrounds
  • different sounds to choose from & more coming soon
  • custom pomodoro timings
  • discord rich presence!

coming soon 🌱

  • spotify “now playing” integration (or maybe even visualiser 🤯)
  • ability to upload custom timer sounds
  • custom pomodoro iterations
  • pomodoro & focus stats
  • todo-lists & focus goals
  • background noise (white/brown noise, rain, etc)
  • perhaps even more!


to contribute, you’ll need to add PKBeam’s fork of SwordRPC as a package. for some reason i couldn’t import it directly and had to add it manually.

you’ll also want to add your own discord bot id, if you’re making it something new 🙂


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