SwiftAR Logo

SwiftAR is a declerative framework to build AR experiences, with a SwiftUI inspired design.

It builds on the base types Experience, Anchor and Model to compose AR scenes. It has support for primitve models, materials and textures (even SwiftUI views can be assigned as a material) as well as interactivity.

The types can use the @State or similar property wrappers (like @StateObjects, @EnvironmentObject , etc.) to build interactive scenses. A Model can have an onTap gesture attached. Similarly, the World anchor class supports raycasting through the onTap modifier as well.

The projects supports result builders ModelModifiers and collections with ForEach as well as @Environment


The project uses files and implentations from the Tokamak project, available under the Apache 2 License.

The demo playground uses textures for the planets from our soloar system from Solar System Scope under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

This project is my submission for the WWDC 21 Swift Students Challenge.