Mercury – English Dictionary


Mercury is a free English dictionary iOS application.

Why “Mercury”?

In my trip to the USA I have bought the book “Cosmic Queries” written by Neil deGrasse Tyson. However, my mother tongue is Russian,
so I have to look up some words. This book has liven my curiosity, so I decided to name the application “Mercury” as Mercury is a nearest planet to the Sun
and for me it represents curiosity of mankind.

Is it free?

Yes. I’m not planning to make fundamental functionality of this application non-free for users.


In the first page of the application you can search for words, add them to collections and hear their pronounciation.


Create collections in order to group words by any criteria. For example, I have the collection named “Cosmic Queries”,
where I store all new words that I find while reading the book.


I find learning words with flashcards really productive, so I decided to implement the same technique here. In the learning section you mark words,
that are presented randomly from the chosen collection, with “I remember” and “I forgot” buttons. At the end you get your result.


Thanks to for providing a free dictionary API


  • Ability to share collections
  • Group words in sections by first character (WordsViewController)