A humble tool to help you presenting ideas by writing Swift.


  • macOS 10.13, could also work on earlier versions as long as Xcode 9 works
  • Xcode 9, the embedded swiftc will be used to interpret the slides manifest file
  • Ruby gem rouge, this gem will be used to provide syntax highlighting for source code blocks



Clone this repo or download the pre-built app here.

Create slides manifest

Create a Swift file:

$ touch slides.swift

Import the supporting module:

import TruffautSupport

Initialize a presentation with pages:

let presentation = Presentation(pages: [
  Page(title: "Hello World", subtitle: "A Swift Slide"),

Caveats and Known Issues

  • Currently the syntax highlighter is assuming ruby is installed at path /usr/local/bin/ruby which is usually true if the ruby is intalled with homebrew.
    • If this is not true for you, you can modify the ruby path in the preference (⌘ + ,).
  • Export to PDF is not implemented.