RememberClip: Your pocket-sized productivity powerhouse! Crafted with Swift and SwiftUI, this nifty menu bar buddy turbocharges your clipboard game. Say goodbye to the endless copy-paste dance! Effortlessly retrieve your most-used text snippets with a sprinkle of magic. Thanks to its user-friendly design and CoreData wizardry, RememberClip works its efficiency charm without hogging CPU or draining your battery. All this in a feather-light package under 1 MB! It’s your secret sauce for breezing through job apps and daily tasks. Your must-have info, just a click away!

RememberClip Reminders MenuBar in dark mode


  • Uses
  • Keep everything in sync with Apple Reminders
  • Create new reminders in your chosen list
  • Set a reminder’s due date using natural language
  • Mark reminders as completed / uncompleted
  • Edit reminders, Remove reminders or Move reminders between lists
  • View a list of upcoming reminders
  • Filter reminders through lists or through completed status


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