SFRemoteImage is a lightweight thread-safe image downloading and caching library built on the top of NSOperationQueue.


It supports currently iOS 9+.

Installation Guide

SFRemoteImage is available through cocoapods and swift package manager.


  • Add to podfile

pod 'SFRemoteImage', :git => ''
  • Install by running

pod install 

Swift Package Manager


SFRemoteImage available through imageview instance method as well as through facade method of
SFRemoteImage by importing

import  SFRemoteImage

ImageView Instance method

image(fromURL: , andPlaceHolderImage: , shouldShowProgress:)

  • fromURL(required) is URL String of remote image available on Server.
  • andPlaceHolderImage(optional) is the placeholder Image to show on imageView while downloading or after downloading if no image is found in the provided URL.
  • shouldShowProgress(optional) can either be a bool value to show default activity indicator or a custom view to show as progress on imageview while downloading.

Example Usage For ImageView

self.imageView.image(fromURL: url, andPlaceHolderImage: placeHolder,shouldShowProgress : true)

Or By Passing Custom Loader

var loaderToShow : UIActivityIndicatorView  {
     let activty =  UIActivityIndicatorView()
     activty.color = .cyan
     return activty
  self.imageView.image(fromURL: url, andPlaceHolderImage: placeHolder, shouldShowProgress:loaderToShow)

SFRemoteImage Fecade method

image(fromURL : String, completion : onImageResult)

  • fromURL(required) url to download Image .
  • completion(required) is colosure that accept UIImage,Data

image(fromURL url : String,intoImageView imageView : UIImageView?,andPlaceHolderImage placeholderImage : UIImage?)

  • fromURL(required) url to downloadImage
  • intoImageView(optional) imageview in which you want to display the image after download.
  • placeholderImage(optional) is the placeholder Image to show on imageView while downloading or after downloading if no image is found in the provided URL.

Example Usage as a Facade Method

SFRemoteImage.image(fromURL: URLString, intoImageView: imageView,andPlaceHolderImage: placeHolder))

or by

SFRemoteImage.image(fromURL: url){image, data in 


Contribution Guide

  • Fork it
  • Create your feature/bugfix branch (git checkout -b feature-fname || git checkout -b bugfix-bname )
  • Commit your changes (git commit -a ‘message explaining the task . your addition overview’)
  • Push to the branch (git push origin your-branch-name)
  • Open pull request by explaining what was the issue, what was your finding. what action was taken by you and finally how did it improves the performance.


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