Loco is a extremly fast CLI linter for Localization.strings and swift files.

What does it check?

  • Untranslated strings in your swift files
  • Missing keys in one or more languages
  • Duplicate keys
  • Unused keys
  • Missing a translation file for a whole language

Output format

  • Loco will output its result in a compiler error log format so it can easily be integrated in third party apps (like Emacs, VI)
  • Quick and dirty (alot of imperative coding mixed with tons of functional. Sorry purists)
  • Does not lint Localization.dict
  • Does not lint Storyboards
  • Will have false positive and its untested


Compile the project using terminal (or Xcode)

swift build

Copy the loco binary from .build/debug to /usr/local/bin/

How to use

Just run loco from your project root.

$ loco



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