A Linux distribution that mimics MacOS (modern and classic) iOS, and other Apple operating systems, but is open, customizable, and free to use on non-apple hardware.


Seanpm2001 / WacOS-Dev, Et, Al;

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More info

WacOS will be a Linux based operating system that acts like MacOS, but with improved functionality, being more open, and having new and other features.

its naming (LacOS didn't seem like a good name, as it sounds like "Lack OS" which shouldn't be associated with a Linux distribution, and it was 5:33 in the morning, so I don't know where the W came from. Just note the W does not stand for Windows.

Pronounced like: Whack O S or Walk O S or however you would like to pronounce it

It can act as a MacOS port that isn't developed by apple, and doesn't need an expensive computer to run with. Linux users constantly go through phases of different operating systems themes, a lot of Linux users go through a MacOS phase, I haven't yet, but I could in the future.

It will be highly functional, and will be written in C for the core, and Python for the system, as I want to continue to spread Python, it is a great programming language, it is simple to write, and very powerful.

Some features include a desktop interface changer that can make the distro function like any version of MacOS, without the restrictiveness, and proprietary functionality.

iOS and MacOS programs from System 1 to the latest version, and iPhone OS 1 to the latest version will be supported.

Development requirements

The system will be at minimum 64 bit, but will contain 32 bit, 16 bit, 8 bit, and 4 bit libraries (I also plan on having 128 bit libraries)

The system MUST be light, with no more than 1 Gigabyte of RAM being used by the system itself at any time. On Idle, it should use no more than 500 Megabytes of RAM.

It must be compatible with virtualization software like VirtualBox, Qemu, VMWare, etc. If anyone wants to go through and make it compatible with hyper-V, it is completely optional

If this is to be completed, it must be better than Windows and MacOS in terms of functionality, and must meet these development requirements to do so.