A little framework for binding data to UIKit views using Combine (inspired by RxCocoa)


Go to Xcode > File > Add Packages…, enter the URL to this repository, select dependency rule and project and click ‘Add Package’.


class ExampleViewModel {
    @Published private(set) var text = ""
    // ...

class ExampleViewController: UIViewController {
    @IBOutlet private weak var label: UILabel!
    private var subscriptions = Set<AnyCancellable>()
    func configure(with viewModel: ExampleViewModel) {
        subscriptions = [
            viewModel.$text.bind(to: label.binders.text), // <---

Why it’s better than Combine’s assign(to:on:)

  1. You can use weak reference to the target object while assign(to:on:) keeps a strong reference.
  2. You can pass parameters when creating bindings:
    $text.bind(to: button.binders.title(for: .normal))
  3. You can add custom binders without adding properties to the target class:

    struct ButtonStyle {
        let titleColor: UIColor
        let backgroundImage: UIImage
    extension Binders where Target: UIButton {
        func style(for state: UIControl.State) -> Binder<ButtonStyle> {
            WeakBinder(target: target, queue: .main) { button, style in
                button.setTitleColor(style.titleColor, for: state)
                button.setBackgroundImage(style.backgroundImage, for: state)


CombineUIKitBinding is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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