Posts App (UIKit)

Application for viewing posts that are downloaded in JSON format from the server. Written in Swift/UIKit without using storyboard. Built on the MVVM architecture.


  • Support version from IOS 14 and portrait orientation
  • Downloading a list of posts from the server using an HTTP request to the API.
  • Displaying a list of posts in a table where each cell has a dynamic height.
  • Sorting the feed with a button in the UINavigationBar by date and rating, descending, according to the user’s choice.
  • Displaying a short description of the post with the possibility of expanding and collapsing the text using the “Expand/Collapse” buttons.
  • Clicking on a post opens the screen details of the selected post.
  • View details of the selected post:
  • Post image display.
  • Displaying the text of the post, the number of likes, the date of the post.



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