A Mac App to find and delete unused image resources from your Xcode project.

It will the scan current folder and all its subfolders to find unused images, then ask whether you want to delete them.


Download file

Or build and run the project directly by

git clone
cd ScanSweep
xed . # Open ScanSweep.xcodeproj

And waiting for dependencies to install, then press the run button or cmd + r


  1. Click Browse... to select the project folder.
  2. Filter scope search with Exclude Paths, File Extensions, and Resources Extensions.
  3. Click “Search…” to start searching for unused resources.
  4. Wait a few seconds; the unused results will be shown in the table.
  5. Select files to Delete, and Delete All to delete all unused resources

Note: Please ensure you have a backup or version control system before deleting the images; it will be unrestorable.



ScanSweep depends on FengNiao as a backend, with fork version to modify some pieces of code to support SwiftUI and app feature.

If you refer original and the command-line tool. Please visit FengNiao.


ScanSweep is licensed under MIT so that you can do whatever you want with this source code.

However, please do not ship this app under your own account.


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