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Welcome! If you’re not sure what Informant is or what it does please check out Requires macOS 11.0 or later.


  1. Start by forking this project “To contribute to the parent project”.
  2. Then, clone your fork to your computer and open it with Xcode.
  3. Checkout the most up-to-date branch. Each branch corresponds to a version of Informant.
  4. Run Informant, play around, make your changes, commit, push, and then open up a pull request that merges your changes into the base repository (this repository).

An admin will then review the changes and merge them in. At some point your changes will make it into a release if they’re approved!


Please remove your Development Team ID and set the certificate to Sign to Run Locally in Signing & Capabilities prior to making a pull request.


Creating a new issue

Before submitting a new issue be sure to check if it already exists in the issues tab.

If you’ve found a new problem with Informant, please create a new issue and try to be as descriptive as possible when explaining what’s wrong. Be sure to include any screen-shots of the problem you have.

Here’s some tips for explaining your issue ⤵︎

  • What were you trying to do? What happened? And what did you expect to happen?
  • What are some steps we can take to try and reproduce the issue?


If you don’t want your name on this list you can pull request to have it removed or you can message me on Twitter!