Latin: Aqua– Water, Promptum– Prompt

AquaPromptum aims to be a simple MacOS Menu bar app to remind you to drink water, at regular customisable intervals. It aims to be simple and no complex customisations are intended to be a part of the project

Screenshots/ Previews


How to use

General user

  • Download the latest binary(.app file) from the Releases tab
  • Double click on your mac and set the security preferences if required
  • You’re all set to go

Programmer/ Developer

  • Simply clone the project using git clone or similar functionality
  • Open the project in Xcode and start hacking


  • Mizu: For inspiring the idea to actually have something like this. While Mizu is a UIKit project, mine is a SwiftUI project. The difference is also in the architecture of both the projects: Mine is MVVM and Mizu is MVP.

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