A macOS menubar app to temporarily prevent the Mac from sleeping.

How does it work

Left-clicking the cup will toggle Caffeinate. If the cup is filled, your Mac won’t go to sleep anymore. Right clicking the cup will open the settings. From there, you can also quit the app.

cup1 dark mode Caffeinate active cup2 dark mode Caffeinate inactive

cup3 light mode Caffeinate active cup4 light mode Caffeinate inactive


The app requires macOS 11 or later to run. If you are using macOS 13, you can add the app to the login items via the app settings.


You can compile the app yourself using xcode xcodebuild -configuration Release or you can download a compiled version from releases.


How do I quit?

Right-click the menu bar item, then go to Settings and press Quit.


Even if the lid is closed, prevent the Mac from sleeping. This probably requires root privelages.


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