This app is a simple status bar app that shows the status of Time Machine backups. It is still in early development and thus not available for download yet.

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  • Show current status of Time Machine
  • Show time of last backup
  • Show time of next backup (if any)
  • List all backup volumes
  • Allow to start a backup (automatic volume selection)
  • Allow to start a backup manually (select volume)
  • Stop a running backup
  • Show progress of running backup
  • Schedule backups (instead of hourly backups)
  • Schedule backups on a per volume basis
  • Launch Time Machine
  • Launch app at login
  • Improve displayed information in menu bar


If you want to contribute to this project, please have a look at the open issues and let me know which one you want to work on. If you have an idea for additional features, please open a new issue first so we can discuss it.

Do not create pull requests for new features without discussing it first.


Currently it is only possible to run the app by building it from source using Xcode 15. To do so, clone the repository and open the project in Xcode.

Warning Make sure that you change the signing team to your own, otherwise the Full Disk Access permission does not persist between app launches.

Then simply run the app using the Run button in Xcode.


See LICENSE.md file in the root of the file tree.


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