Spotify Lyrics in Menubar


Live Spotify lyrics in your macOS menubar. It Just Works.


Download from releases.


  • macOS Ventura or higher
  • Spotify Desktop Client


  • It Just Works.
  • Offline caching! Lyrics are automatically stored offline efficiently using CoreData
  • Play some music on the Spotify app and watch the lyrics play on the menu bar automatically.


First Screenshot

Second Screenshot

Technical Details

  • UI is built using SwiftUI.
  • The lyrics are updated and fetched using Swift Concurrency and Swift Tasks
  • The lyrics are stored into disk using CoreData.
  • I interface with Spotify using their AppleScript methods as well as by subscribing to their playback state change notifications.
  • I interface with Spotify’s AppleScript methods by using Apple’s provided ScriptingBridge interface.

Acknowledgements / Special Thanks


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