A MacOS UI to interact with Ollama and open source models.

Pajama gif

Current feature set

  • [x] Support multple Ollama models
  • [x] Support pulling of Ollama models
  • [x] Show Ollama state
  • [x] Support code formatting
  • [x] Support copy&paste
  • [ ] Make rendering faster
  • [ ] Support potentially other model providers such as OpenAI or Together.ai


Download here

Pajama screenshot

Building the app

All you need is Xcode 12.2+ and the source code (a working knowledge of Swift would help !). It is recommended to use the source code from the latest release (as opposed to the master branch) as code between releases can be buggy / unstable.

Contributing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our project! Before you begin writing code, it would be helpful if you read these contributing guidelines. Following them will make the contribution process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Please note that the project is released with an MIT License.