Console Media Manager

Switshot is a game media manager helps you transfer your game media from Nintendo Switch to your phone, and manage your media just few taps.


  • Connect to game console and save media without complex operation
  • Put your game media into Switshot internal space to keep your photo library tidy, or save to your photo library directly
  • Manage your media with Files app without other file manager


  • Purchase from App Store
  • Download IPA file from release page, sideload with AltStore or other similar way (not guarteed)
  • Download source code and compile by yourself with Xcode
  • Contect me if you can (it easiser than you think XD)
  • Use alternative like this shortcut (yes, it is also made by me)

How to use

  • Go to “Album” on your Nintendo Switch, select screenshots or video and select “Send to Smartphone”
  • Scan QR code show on your console
  • Launch Switshot, transfer with guidance.

Why you set it as a paid app?

Because I hope somebody can help me to cover my App Store Developer paid tier fee (RMB 688 per year) 🤣. If you think this app is too simple to be paid for, you can get it as free with multiple ways, I listed them above.




Switshot 是一个能够帮助你快速管理 Nintendo Switch 中的截屏与录制等媒体的工具。


  • 无需复杂操作,轻松连接游戏主机
  • 媒体存储于 Switshot 内部以保证照片图库整洁,或直接保存至照片图库
  • 使用「文件」app 管理媒体,无需第三方应用


  • App Store 购买
  • 分发版本页 下载 IPA 文件,并使用诸如 AltStore 等工具侧加载(不保证能用)
  • 下载源码,自己用 Xcode 编译
  • 直接联系我(想要找到我其实很简单 XD)
  • 用别的替代品,比如这个快捷指令(也是我做的)


  • 在 Nintendo Switch 上打开「相册」,选择你需要转移的截屏或录制,选择「发送到智能手机」
  • 扫描游戏主机上出现的二维码
  • 启动 Switshot,根据屏幕提示进行转移操作

为什么这是款付费 App?

人穷,想找人摊一下 Apple 开发者付费计划费用(人民币 688 一年)🤣。如果你还是想白嫖,上面我提供了很多种供你白嫖的方式,欢迎白嫖。