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A media player framework for iOS

A media player framework for iOS


GoPlay is a media player framework for iOS. Based on FFmpeg and OpenGL ES 2.0. support all formats and custom your own filters by GLSL.

Build iOS

build script is based on FFmpeg-iOS-build-script

  • To build everything:
  • PS
After compile, if you want to custom your own library, you shoud notice three points: 
1) copy ./ffmpeg-3.4.1/libavformat/avc.h  --->  ./FFmpeg-iOS/include/libavformat/
2) copy ./FFmpeg-iOS ---> ./GoPlay/GoPlay/Vendor/FFmpeg/ 
3) config: Build Settings - Header Search Paths - "$(SRCROOT)/GoPlay/Vendor/FFmpeg/FFmpeg-iOS/include"


  • H.264/H.265(hevc) hardware accelerator (VideoToolBox)
  • support FFmpeg software Decode
  • support all formats based on FFmpeg, including RTMP, RTSP, HTTP/HTTPS and so on
  • support custom filter(based on OpenGL ES 2.0 glsl)
  • support filter chain between source and display (refer GPUImage)
  • support watermark filter
  • VR video and arcball control
  • accurate seek support
  • powerful robust algorithm for audio and video synchronization
  • support adaptive frame drop
  • video-output: OpenGL ES 2.0
  • audio-output: AudioUnit


// iOS
- AVFoundation.framework
- AudioToolBox.framework
- VideoToolBox.framework
- libiconv.tbd
- libbz2.tbd
- libz.tbd

- FFmpeg 3.4.1

Basic Usage

PlayViewController* vc = [[PlayViewController alloc]init];
vc.url = @"";	//input video/audio url
[self.navigationController pushViewController:vc animated:YES];

Advanced Usage

//custom your own player based on FFPlay/FFFilter/FFView;
//PlayViewController is a demo.



  • plane video


  • vr video


  • video with watermark