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A minimal iOS AR app to display 360 / video in sphere space.

  • Xcode 13.2.1
  • Target: iOS / iPadOS 14.0+
  • SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit

This app uses RealityKit’s VideoMaterial and AVFoundation’s AVQueuePlayer to play video / audio as a texture for a sphere model.

This is a minimal implementation, so please improve the quality or modify it to your app.

  • Sync-loading of Assets => Async-loading
  • Video texture inversion (currently incorrect)
  • Video playback control such as start and pause
  • Replacing the video file with your favorite one
  • Changing the sphere space size (currently 1.5 meters radius)

The 360 video is provided by mettle. Thank you for sharing nice content.
The video has a watermark. You can purchase the video without a watermark.


MIT License


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