FlipClock It's a minimalist page-turning clock.


Public Attribute

Attribute name Specific introduction of attributes
date time
is12HourClock Whether it is a 12-hour clock (default: 24-hour clock. FALSE)
weekdayIsVisible Whether it is visible on working days and ordinary days. (Except Sunday and Saturday) any day
yearMonthDayIsVisible Is the year, month, and day visible
secondIsVisible Is the second visible
font Page Turn Clock Custom Font
flipClockTheme Clock Theme (default: darkTheme)


  • Add sliding gestures to control device screen brightness.
  • use new application icon
  • Add clock localization (Chinese, English)
  • Add bottom view toolbar
  • Add UserDefaults to store related settings
  • Add light and dark mode switching themes.
  • Add second sound effect, When the distinguished seconds are not visible, it will be played every minute. Whether to play once every second.
  • Fix the interface layout when seconds are not visible.
  • Add user setting function.
  • Add 12-hour system conversion, the default is 24-hour system.
  • Add more date content display.


Description Preview
LightTheme light
DarkTheme dark
UserSettings settings
DisplaySetting displaySetting
SecTone secTone