Banking App for Demo

This is a mobile banking-style app for the purpose of Tealium Swift SDK tracking demo. This was originally built for the demo for a prospect. You can see a logo at the login screen when you run the app.

How to build the app

  1. Download the project in your local computer
git clone
  1. Move to the StandardChateredDemo directory you downloaded the project, and run the following command.
pod install
  1. Open the project by clicking .xcworkspace file instead of .xcodeproj

How to run the app

  1. Open TealiumHelper.swift and change account, profile, environment and dataSourceKey to yours.

  1. Please use “Pro Max” type emulator to run this project, such as iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro Max

  1. Run the app and you will see the login screen like the following.


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