NOTICE: As of February 4th, Apple has begun to ban new app submissions using the common blurring method (UIToolbar hack) found in MYBlurIntroductionView. We will work toward a new solution, but unfortunately this library has removed the blurring functionality until a solution is found. Cheers.

A super-charged version of MYIntroductionView for building custom app introductions and tutorials.

Language: Obj-C
License: MIT

A Controller Built With You In Mind

It's time for one introduction/tutorial view to end them all! MYBlurIntroductionView is a powerful platform to build introductions for your iPhone apps. Built on the MYIntroductionView core, MYBlurIntroductionView takes the first time user experience to the next level by providing a host of new features for building highly customized introductions.

Features Include

Brand new stock panels built for iOS 7
Optional overlay on background images
Add custom panels straight from .xib files
Subclass MYIntroductionPanel (the stock panel) for custom panels with access to new methods like
Delegates methods for panel change and introduction finishing events
iOS 6 and 7 compatible for iPhone (iPad coming soon)
Localized Skip Button
Right-to-Left Language Support