Netflix Clone

Disclaimer: This project is not an official Netflix application. It is a clone created solely for personal learning and educational purposes. The Netflix logo and branding belong to Netflix, Inc. This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by Netflix, Inc.


This is a Netflix clone app built using UIKit. It mimics the UI of the Netflix iOS app, allowing users to browse and view trailers of movies and TV shows.


  • Create Various ViewControllers with

    • UITableView and simple UITableViewCells
    • UITableView with UICollectionView inside the TableViewCell
    • UICollectionView
    • UISearchController
  • Add UI-related operations like

    • Programmatic navigation
    • UIScrollView for vertical scrolling
    • Context menu and its application
    • Updating search results with query
    • Adding custom UIView to section headers
  • Networking and Data Operations

  • Micro utilities

    • Employing coding keys
    • Swpie to delete in Tableviews
    • Basic operation of NotificationCenter for event occurence


App Walkthrough Home Upcoming Search Childscreen
App Walkthrough Home Upcoming Search Search


To run this project locally:

  • Clone the repository and start using it.

Technologies Used


If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on this project, feel free to contact me:



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