Hi, I’m Arvind Patel, a iOS Developer
from India. Beside’s programming, I enjoy eating food and Watching Movies. I’m a creative problem solving enthusiast, with a constantly growing love for languages.

Talking about Personal Stuffs:

  • ??‍? I’m currently working on improving my techskill
  • ?
    I’m currently learning SwiftUI

  • ?
    Ask me about anything, I am happy to help

  • ⚡️
    Fun-Fact: Anything is possible

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    How to reach me: [email protected]


Side Menu

Nike Cart View

Instagram Re-Design


Three Dot Tringle Rotation

Add/Remove Button

Animated Side Menu

Card Animation

Linkedin Re-Design

Facebook Re-Design

Tinder Swipe

Ring Loading

Circle Rotation

Character Animation

Swapping Dots Animation

Animated Dots

Instagram Loading Spinner