A package containing all custom assets for CodeEdit. These are mostly custom SF Symbols.

How to use


import CodeEditSymbols

let nsImage = NSImage.symbol(named: "name_of_the_symbol")

// or using the static property:

let nsImage1 = NSImage.name_of_the_symbol


import CodeEditSymbols

let image = Image(symbol: "name_of_the_symbol")

// or using the static property:

let image1 = Image.name_of_the_symbol

Creating a new Asset

To create a new asset, follow the guide on Apple’s developer website.

Add the .svg you exported from SF to the Symbols.xcassets catalog.

Also add a static property to the Image and NSImage extension like so:

// Image Extension
static let your_symbol_name: Image = .init(symbol: "your_symbol_name")

// NSImage Extension
static let your_symbol_name: NSImage = .symbol(named: "your_symbol_name")

Important: Make sure your symbol looks great in every font weight.


Also include snapshot tests for each symbol for Image as well as NSImage:



func testCreateNSImageYourSymbolName() {
    let image = NSImage.your_symbol_name
    let view = NSImageView(image: image)
    view.appearance = .init(named: .aqua)
    assertSnapshot(matching: view, as: .image, record: record)



func testCreateImageYourSymbolName() {
    let image = Image.your_symbol_name
    let view: NSView = NSHostingController(rootView: image).view
    view.appearance = .init(named: .aqua)
    assertSnapshot(matching: view, as: .image(size: view.intrinsicContentSize))


Keep different variants of a symbol in the same parent folder and name them appropriately (see Apple’s own symbols for reference).

You might have a symbol called lock and one where the symbol is inside a square where you would call that file lock.square. Also keep in mind to also provide a .fill variant if appropriate (lock.fill, lock.square.fill)

Example of a .fill Variant

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 00 29 57

Annotate the Symbol

As of version 3 of SF Symbols it is possible to create multi-color, hierarchical and palette annotations inside the SF Be sure to annotate it accordingly if appropriate.

Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 00 40 26


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