This is a personal project based on SwiftUI. The app I developed is a bookkeeping app. It was inspired by coming to study abroad when I was looking for a bookkeeping app:

  1. It needed to be fast enough, like being able to quickly access the app from the home widget for bookkeeping, or being able to use Siri or even siri on the Apple watch for bookkeeping.
  2. At the same time it needed to be simple enough, I just wanted to keep track of my spending during my study abroad and structure my spending for the next month with a sorted view each month, I’m not Bill Gates and don’t have a ton of assets to manage.
  3. Finally, I need it to be able to do something specific, for example the money I spent on my computer obviously can’t be included in my monthly spending, otherwise I would come to ridiculous conclusions such as “I spent too much money on my computer this month, so I should spend less on it next month”.

I eventually found out that there is no such app on the market. They either didn’t have the features I wanted, or the bookkeeping process was so cumbersome that I could never keep it, or required me to pay for a bunch of features I didn’t even need.

So I decided to develop such an application myself. The project is still a work in progress. Progress may be slow because I am also working on my postgraduate project at the same time.

Here are some of the UI that have been implemented:



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