A Photo Gallery / Browser / Viewer for iOS written in Swift 3.2 & 4.




  • AVPlayer
  • PDF
  • Image caching with SDWebImage
  • Original image download
  • Extract QR Code(Text、URL)
  • Incremental fetching items
  • Localization
  • 3D Touch


  • iOS 8.0+
  • ARC
  • Swift 3.2 & 4.2



DKPhotoGallery is available on CocoaPods. Simply add the following line to your podfile:

# For latest release in cocoapods
pod 'DKPhotoGallery'


github "zhangao0086/DKPhotoGallery"

If you use Carthage to build your dependencies, make sure you have added DKPhotoGallery.framework and SDWebImage.framework to the "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" section of your target, and have included them in your Carthage framework copying build phase.


let gallery = DKPhotoGallery()
gallery.singleTapMode = .dismiss
gallery.items = self.items
gallery.presentingFromImageView = self.imageView
gallery.presentationIndex = 0

gallery.finishedBlock = { dismissIndex, dismissItem in
    if item == dismissItem {
        return imageView
    } else {
        return nil

self.present(photoGallery: gallery)


Create a DKPhotoGalleryItem with a UIImage or a URL or a PHAsset.

open class DKPhotoGalleryItem: NSObject {
    /// The image to be set initially, until the image request finishes.
    open var thumbnail: UIImage?
    open var image: UIImage?
    open var imageURL: URL?
    open var videoURL: URL?

    /// iOS 11 or higher required.
    @objc open var pdfURL: URL?
     DKPhotoGallery will automatically decide whether to create ImagePreview or PlayerPreview via the mediaType of the asset.
     See more: DKPhotoPreviewFactory.swift
    open var asset: PHAsset?
    open var assetLocalIdentifier: String?
     Used for some optional features.
     For ImagePreview, you can enable the original image download feature with a key named DKPhotoGalleryItemExtraInfoKeyRemoteImageOriginalURL.
    open var extraInfo: [String: Any]?

Extract QR Code

Enable the original image download

let item = DKPhotoGalleryItem(imageURL: URL(string:",m_lfit,h_512,w_512/quality,Q_80")!)
item.extraInfo = [
    DKPhotoGalleryItemExtraInfoKeyRemoteImageOriginalURL: URL(string:"")!


The default supported languages:

  • en.lproj
  • zh-Hans.lproj

You can also add a hook to return your own localized strings:

DKPhotoGalleryResource.customLocalizationBlock = { title in
    if title == "preview.image.longPress.cancel" {
        return "This is a test."
    } else {
        return nil